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Just a quick note that you can now claim prompts here in this post @ [ profile] smallfandomfest. Once you're done, you can post your fic/art directly to [ profile] smallfandomfest or on your own journal/community and simply post a link in [ profile] smallfandomfest.

May 23 - July 31: Posting Period
July 31: Final Day of Posting Period

Please do read the rules on claiming and the minimum requirements for fanfic and art.

There are 15 Defiance prompts waiting to be claimed, so check them out. Maybe you'll be inspired to write something or make some nice fanart. *g*
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I meant to post a link to this a lot earlier, but time has really gotten away from me this month. Some of you may be familiar with the Small Fandom Fest ([ profile] smallfandomfest) hosted by [ profile] spikedluv every few months. It's pretty much exactly what it sounds like: a small fandom fic fest. Defiance qualifies as a small fandom for several reasons, and I thought this might be the perfect way to generate some more fanfic about our show!

Small Fandom Fest Round 13:
Prompting: May 1st - May 21st
Claiming & Posting Period: May 23 - July 31

There are very few requirements. Fanfics have to be at least 1000 words long, for art submissions you have to make 8-10 icons, 2-3 smaller graphics or 1 large graphic. Fanvid and such are also allowed.

So if you have a plot bunny nibbling on your toes or there's a scene you'd really like to see, why not leave a prompt? Maybe someone will claim it and write the fic you've been dying to read! (You can also claim your own prompts!) There's only two days left, so don't wait too long!

PS: When you submit a prompt, make sure to clarify if you mean Defiance (TV show) or Defiance (Game)!
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