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Hi everyone! Just wanted to stop in and drop off a link to my journal where you can find photos of the Defiance panel (and several others). I hope you enjoy them.

Preview photos and zip files right over here!!
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Link to a pic spam of the latest episode is here. My Nolan/Irisa ship is not quenched in the slightest.

Title: Book End to the episode 1.04: A Well-Respected Man
Character/Pairing: Joshua Nolan/Irisa Nyira
Word Count: 445
Genre: General, Romance
Rating: PG

Fic is here:
At my livejournal
On AO3

Very tiny fic inspired by their singing of "Jackson"
Character/Pairing: Joshua Nolan/Irisa Nyira
Word Count: 153

Fic is here:
At my livejournal
On AO3
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OK, I've been skirting around this issue in my mind because I actually had a problem with the way my mind was going on this one, but I'm going to put it out there. Spoiler images from the first three episodes here.

To put it in context, I hadn't read any back story to Defiance when I started watching it - just knew that it was a new sci fi show. The first scene we see with Nolan and Irisa - to me it looked for all the world like two lovers behind annoyed at each other - they even sing Jackson, a 'couples' song made famous but Johnny Cash and June Carter. Read more... )
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I'm really enjoying the show so did a small pic spam and thoughts on the show at my livejournal here.

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